Focus On The Future Sale

Online Heifer Sale: 10.11.22

If the past predicts the future, what will the future hold?

All lots were sold during the sale. For results, visit the Willoughby Livestock Sales auction page.


Photo Lot # Name DOB Farm
Lot 1 / JB 2K from JB Livestock

Lot 1 JB 2K 1/18/22 JB Livestock (Jason Beltz)
JC 221K
Lot 2 JC 221K 1/22/22 Colmore Farms
JC 206K
Lot 3 JC 206K 1/23/22 Colmore Farms
Lot 4 / JC 215K / Colmore Farms

Lot 4 JC 215K 1/31/22 Colmore Farms

Lot 5 JC 224K 2/4/22 Colmore Farms

Lot 6 JC 251K 2/5/22 Colmore Farms
Lot 7 / JC281K / Colmore Farms

Lot 7 JC 281K 2/15/22 Colmore Farms

Lot 8 JC 280K 3/18/22 Colmore Farms
Lot 9 / Tag JC271K / Colmore Farms

Lot 9 JC 271K 5/3/22 Colmore Farms

Optimizers (percentage)

Lot 10 / 38H / Goering Farms

Lot 10 38 H 3/4/22 Greg Goering
Lot 11 / JB6K / JB Livestock
Lot 11 JB 6K 3/19/22 JB Livestock
Lot 12 / JB7K / JB Livestock

Lot 12 JB 7K 3/20/22 JB Livestock
Lot 13 / JB8K / JB Livestock
Lot 13 JB 8K 4/8/22 JB Livestock
Lot 14 / JB9K / JB Livestock

Lot 14 JB 9K 4/18/22 JB Livestock

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✓ Five out of the last six National Grand Champion Females were raised at Colmore Farms.
✓ The last two Champion Heifers at the Junior Nationals came out of this sale.
✓ All of these calves will be halter broken, clipped, pictured, videoed, and ready to go in the show ring.
✓ Several of them will already be entered in The Kansas City Royal Show.

“I think that my goal of raising the quality of my good end up to the quality of my best end has been accomplished with this set of exquisite heifers.” —Jo Colmore